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Production and recording services. State-of-the art digital technology & classic vintage analog recording gear.



When you want to capture the energy and spontaneity of a live recording with your band, or want to bring your recorded tracks to life with an experienced mixer, look no further than Trout Recording. With a 2” 24-track, 16-track Studer tape machines, a Neve 8028 console, and a 56 io Protools HD system, Trout offers the choice of gear that makes your music sound classic and the professional experience to help you through the complex process of producing a successful commercial recording. Designed by Bryce Goggin who has spent decades producing and engineering for artists such as Pavement, Phish, The Ramones, Spacehog, Joan As Police Woman, and Antony and the Johnsons.

Trout Recording is a production facility where you can draw upon the rich sonic pallet of EMT AKG and Echoplate Reverberation Systems and reach deep into our eclectic microphone closet to bring out the best in your recording projects. With our vast array of instruments and amplifiers you will never find yourself without options for adding unique musical textures to your recordings.

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  • 3.11.18

    Ever wonder what REALLY goes down at Trout ?!

    Well, we have Sunny. Fishy business, as per usual.


    The voice of our generation, Adam Sachs.

    Engineering, mixing, flannelling, you got it.


    And of course, between Pro Tools and Falafel sandwhich scraps from Zaytoons, we have the music.

    Here we have Hidden Meanings, working on their next project….


    …communicating through walls.


    And that’s a wrap!

    Trout Recording. 613 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

  • rock and roll-ing

    True, Brooklyn has seen better days.

    But rock and roll knows no climate.

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  • Bryce Goggin

    Owner, Producer, Engineer
    Bryce started his engineering career at Baby Monster Studios in the early 90′s....
  • Adam Sachs

    Engineer, Mixer, Head Teach
    Adam wears many hats at Trout Recording, having worked here for over 10 years he holds the positions of: Engineer, Mixer...


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Trout Recording offers recording, mixing, and full production services for independent artists and labels.

Contact us to find out about booking studio time for your next recording project or to learn more about what services we can offer you.

Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights Brooklyn, New York 11238

917.324.3856 or 718.222.0946